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4th - 8th Grade

Court Crushers

Our Court Crushers are girls in 4th Grade and Up and we have purposely designed this program to mix skills and age levels.  If you have a player interested and is older please contact us. We never turn a girl away. 

Please send an email to

We believe is that in basketball girls come in all shapes, skills and sizes.  We do not allow our girls to believe that they are too good or not good enough to train in a mixed environment. The girls learn so much from one another and nothing makes us more proud than when the players help one another. 

We can not teach a girl heart and passion for basketball. We also want parents to remember a time in their lives when sports were fun. The world we live in is very different and rarely does a sports program for youth emphasize the team work instead of the win. We give the girls the space to grow, have fun and become leaders

Please remember that basketball is a physical sport. Many girls come to us and they have only had male coaches who have not taught them assertive, physical defense.

Our female coaches teach them how to go in for the ball and that is one of the most noted feedback points we get that we teach them to MAKE the play, not wait for it to happen. 

Our typical session involves an opening circle where we discuss a positive growth mind set, how to handle stress, how to be great community members and more. Each week has a theme focusing on not just our skills on the court but our life skills as well. 

We are part of the AAU, the Amateur Athletic Union. All of our coaches are background checked and trained through the AAU. 

Each Player is required to carry an AAU card. This is for their protection to be covered under our insurance. More details can be found with the link below.