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What is the FLBA ?


Summer 2019 Programs

The Home of Diamonds Basketball offers an amazing range of basketball activities for all our players 7 -14 . From open court to planned programming, our volunteers are always there to ensure a fun and safe experience for all. No matter whether players want to learn Basketball Basics or enter into Coach Aaron's Tuff Training, we are open to suggestions and special requests. Get in touch to learn more about all our offerings.


Break it Down Basketball

All Girls, All of the Time Learning Basketball at a Slower Pace . Open to all girls all skill levels 7-14

Drop in 6:30  Wednesdays based on Coach and Gym Availability

Gym Doors Open around 6:15


Coach Aaron trains Players who have solid fundamentals and gives them a competitive advantage by teaching advanced game play, conditioning and strategy.

Drop in 6:30  Mondays based on Coach and Gym Availability

Gym Doors Open around 6:15

Diamonds Elite Competitive Teams

We are always looking for opportunities for the girls who want to play competitive ball that makes sense for the players that we have at the FLBA .  Tryouts will be announed for each opportunity.

All Programs are Drop in and Will be Announced Weekely based on Gym Conditions through the summer. The Bellevue Community Center has generously supported us with the use of their gym and there are days in the summer that the tempertures are not safe for training.



What Age Girls Do You Work With ?

We will never turn any girl away that loves to play. Most of our players are 7 - 14. Our goal is to be a safe gym that all girls can play no matter what their skill level or age. Girls before the age of 6 are really not ready for the programs that we currently offer. Most parents are happy when they see their players out there shooting but before age 6 most average girls do not have the upper body strength to get the ball to our nets. Unfortunately, they do not adjust . What we do tell you to do is go home and DRIBBLE.  That is half of the lesson in Basketball success.

Where can I find the FLBA Waiver ?

Please use this LINK. Even for a Trial we want all girls to be safe on our court. 


Donate Now

The FLBA has been 100 % self funded by Coach Aaron and Coach Jill. We are a not for profit under the non-profit program at the Bellevue Community Center. Just $5 helps to buy a basketball. We appreciate all donations.