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AAU Information

Diamonds Basketball is a Volunteer Organization run by Jill Ehrlich and Aaron VanBurren.  We are just two people who believe in the power of girls on the court. In order to obtain training gyms we need to carry insurance. The most affordable way for our program to do so is to become a member of the Amateur Athletic Association.  Diamonds Basketball requires all players who play with us at gyms other than Bellevue Community Center where we run the FLBA Girls Program to carry an AAU card. The cost of the card is $14 dollars and protects the player and provides insurance coverage.  The cards are good from Sept 1 - August 31 each year.  

How to Obtain Your AAU Card for your Player

1. Visit 

2. Register your Athlete or Renew

3. Choose the $14 Dollar Membership for our program. 

4. Are the a Member of a Club ? YES !

Attach your player to our club

Our Zip Code is 19810

Your club: 2020 - Diamonds Basketball - WYCY9W

The Club Code is WYCY9W  

We need your player's member number for our roster for practice. We can not allow any player to play with us outside of Bellevue without an AAU Card.  It is for their own protection.  If you have an AAU card, they are valid from September to August we can attach your player. 

Can we host a Diamonds Training Session at our Facility ?

Yes, we are currently partnering with other community centers and organizations and bringing our program to you. Basketball is one of the easiest sports for everyone to participate in no matter what the skill level. Our Basketball Fundamentals  is a Goal Oriented Positive Growth Mindset Cirriculum for all Girls 7 to 14 to help them be responsible for their words and actions , create confidence and build strength.  Our trainers believe in the Power of Yet. Instead of a player believing they can't play well, we train their brain to believe that by putting a YET on the end of every negative thought they can change their journey.

How Did Diamonds Basketball Get Started ?

We need to go backward before we can go forward.  
In the Winter of 2017 a group of girls played 5th grade basketball together at Forwood Elementary. These girls played their hearts out. Overcame their fears and truly embodied the pure passion that comes from playing a sport that you love. Under the direction of Coach Aaron, Coach Pam and as a helper, Coach Jill, the girls realized at the end of the season that they would all be moving on to middle school and never would have the chance to play together again.  
Devastated by that news, we began to look for other basketball opportunities for the girls and quickly realized that other families were looking for year round girls basketball too. We contacted a lot of facilities but gym rentals are minimally 80 dollars an hour. Like an Elena Delle Donne buzzer beater right before school ended Joe and the Bellevue Community Center delivered on all of our basketball dreams. They provided us with a home and we could not be more thankful. They had an existing boys FLBA league but never a girls.  We are eternally thankful for this great opportunity.

Why Do Families Get Removed from the Diamonds Basketball


We believe that all girls should have a place to play basketball. We deal with young women 7 to 14 who are trying to navigate a life at a time that is a lot to handle. School Suspensions, Bad Grades and Bad Attitudes are worked out on the court.  If a player is behaving poorly toward other players or a volunteer they will get laps. Laps seem to be our most effetive way to get our girls to believe that we believe in them. If we have a problem that can not be corrected with hard work we will approach the parent. Each situation is handled on a case by case basis.


We call it the Firko Rule. Our program is designed with the player in mind. We have found that from our experience with over 300 girls that when there is a problem 90 % of the time it is the parent, not the player. We hate removing anyone from the program but we are here for a positive experience for both players, their families and our volunteers. If we find that we have an adult who is causing distress to our program we remove first the parents, then the player.  We handle each case individually but we will not have parent ruin the good vibes for the children of the FLBA